Napísali o Sous Vide

HOTELIÉR 1-2/2012




Slovak Food Festival  Bratislavský  Hrad  25.5. – 27.5.2012
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November 2010

Sous vide is supreme!

January 2011

Vacuum pack your food, et voilà! It could turn you into the next Heston Blumenthal


November 2010

Everyone's talking about...sous vide


Popular Science


December 2010

The Top 10 of Everything 2010

“This technique might be the biggest advance in cooking since the gas oven.”






December 2010

Best of What's New 2010

Jan. 25, 2010

“One of the simplest and most foolproof methods for cooking just about anything to its exact level of perfect doneness.”

December 2010

Top 100 Perfect Gifts 2010

Jan. 21, 2010

“Overall, the Sous Vide Supreme does what it claims to do, and does it well.”

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New York Times

Dec. 2009

“Once you sous vide, you never go back.”

"“My wife thought I was crazy to get this thing, but already she doesn’t want to eat anything else.”

Food & Wine

Jun. 2010

“There could not be a more convenient way to cook: Just push a button, drop the plastic bag in the water, and walk away.”


Nov. 2010

“This water oven allows food to cook evenly in its own juices while intensifying flavors and tenderizing the contents.”

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Cook's Illustrated

December 2010

“The long slow cooking can turn tough cuts of meat incredibly tender. We followed the simple setup instructions and cooked fish, chicken and steaks – all with perfect results.”

Food Network Magazine

March 2010

“Chefs achieve perfectly-prepared meats by cooking them sous vide.”

New York Daily News

Feb. 17, 2010

“The Sous Vide Supreme makes every meal, a 4-star meal.”



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Feb. 2010

“Your steak is perfect. And you can’t fail. Seriously, you can do this 1,000 times and never screw up.”


Serious Eats

Dec. 28, 2009

“The SousVide Supreme makes it possible to cook a 12-course meal for six people out of an apartment kitchen, with every protein coming out perfectly cooked.”

Fast Company

Dec. 16, 2009

“Dining in will never be the same.”



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National Post

Nov. 26, 2009

"If you think of how much people spend on an oven and put that against the versatility of this system, it's not expensive," (Heston) Blumenthal says. "It can cook anything."


The Vancouver Sun

Nov. 20, 2009

“Sous vide, (Heston) Blumenthal feels, is the single biggest change in professional cooking in decades.”

San Francisco 7x7

Oct. 21, 2009

"Life after sous vide doesn’t exist.”